Little Golden Book Collector

Friday, June 22 2018 @ 01:22 PM GMT

How To Tell Time

 News The featured book for this month is How to Tell Time. It is numbered 285. It is the only little golden book numbered in the main series to have little golden activity book on the cover.

The book was authored by Jane Warner Watson and illustrated by Eleanor Dart. It was published in 1957. The first edition has a die cut cover. The foldout first page has a clock face which shows through the diecut. It has metal hands and the words GRUEN on the face. It sold for 25 cents.I also have a book without the GRUEN on the face of the clock which sold for 29 cents. This book with the same number(285) also comes in a soft cover book with the hands on the inside of the cover. The hands come in metal and plastic editions. They also sold for 25 cents. Do you have all four of the variations of this book in your collection???

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