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Friday, June 22 2018 @ 01:22 PM GMT

The Jolly Barnyard

 News A great old story!

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The Jolly Barnyard was first published in 1950. It was written by Annie North Bedford and illustrated by Tibor Gergely. The first edition had 28 pages. The 'B' edition was made with a kitten puzzle in the back cover. It was my son's favorite book. Farmer Brown gave all his animals a treat for it was his birthday. They in turn decided what they could give back to him for his birthday. In the end he gets all their gifts and he gets a birthday cake to eat. When my son was small we had a book club( many would think this was a chain letter). You would buy a golden book for the top name and send the letter on to two people. This book was a gift from that process. I now play ball with the farmer who gave the book to my son as they have both grown up!