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Friday, June 22 2018 @ 01:22 PM GMT

Little Mommy

 News Do you remember the words "This is my house and I am the Mommy.My children are Annabelle,Betsy and Bonny." ?
If you remember those words, you are among friends. This book is highly sought after by those who want to share a childhood memory with another generation.
The title is Little Mommy. It was written and illustrated by Sharon Kane. It was first published in 1967 by Golden Press. the number on the cover is #569. A girl and her dolls are sitting in the rocking chair on the cover.
Books like this one is why we start to collect.Whether it is golden books or just other childhood memories, it begins a collection.
This book has a value higher than most of its age because so many people seek it. Steve Santi's guidebook has a 75.00 value on the first edition. I have seen the price much higher.

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