Little Golden Book Collector

Friday, June 22 2018 @ 01:22 PM GMT

Collecting little golden records

 NewsThe nostalgia of collecting those little yellow records catches you off guard and before you know it you are looking for storage space. I really enjoy the variety of these recordings. Mitch Miller, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans ,Art Carney, Bing Crosby and some persons I'd never heard of have recorded them.
I really enjoy the search!!

I have sorted my records out according to these categories. They are little golden records, disney little golden records, three in one records, extra long play records, big golden records, golden record chests, 45 golden records, book and records, golden albums and last, the miscellaneous golden records.

I have found as many as three different sleeves for the same title and number. It was getting so confusing so I made an album of pictures of all the sleeves that I carry with me when searching or it lays by the computer when I am home.

Is there anyone out there that enjoys looking and listening to the records??

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