Little Golden Book Collector

Friday, June 22 2018 @ 01:22 PM GMT

The smaller sized little little golden books.

 NewsIn 1988 the first little little books were published. These books were 3 inches square and had golden binding on the edge. They were usually packaged two to a set but I have found them in packages of three also.
There have been 71 titles in the main little little line. These titles are usually marked A for the first edition. The package can also be marked with an A. The binding can be large print like on the regular little golden books or a miniature printed gold binding. Different companies have printed little little books with advertising logos. They are: Hardees, Life Savors, Andes, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Welch's(Food Lion),Sonic and Disney. A few books have a solid gold binding but I do not know why or who published them. There are little little books that are slightly larger than were enclosed with Disney princess dolls. Recently a clear plastic holder with a set of 40 was sold in some stores. I once gave a talk on golden books to a group of ladies. One of them asked me about the Johnson & Johnson book( which I had never seen). On my way home I HAD to stop at WalMart to purchase it and found out there were two different titles. We had lots of baby shampoo to use!

Little little books can still be found for purchase today in some stores.

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