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By: Likes:

There was a small town named Kalamazoo.
There was a twisty, twirvy Avenue
and right on the corner across from the zoo
the biggest oak tree in the countryside grew.

Way at the top, almost hidden from view
little Tweety Bird lived in a house painted blue.
He was not alone in his tree, it is true
for 10 happy robbins were living there too
and right next to them was a bright cockatoo,
5 sparrows, 3 larks and an owl who asked, "who?"
Also 6 saucy wrens, a small pigeon named Sue
and a crow who flew over from Kalamazoo.

Whenever it rained, or whenever winds blew
it would throw all the birds in a terrible stew.
All the birds except for Tweety, and when it was through
he'd warn all the others, "I keep telling you
you must build some houses like other birds do!"

But the birds only laughed at poor Tweety, for they never knew
what was going on over in Kalamazoo.
Sylvester the cat and 9 cats he knew
had decided to visit the tree by the zoo.
10 cats in all, that's quite a few!
They could catch all the birds in a minute or two.
Of course catching Tweety would be harder to do
for he had a house that they ciuldn't break through.

That morning Tweety awoke and went to his window to look at the view
and he saw 10 cats on the avenue!
"Putty tats comming!" He cried and he knew
he must warn all the other birds too!
"Let us fly! Let us fly!" Cried the pigeon named Sue.
"Just s minute," said Tweety, "there's still hope for you.
if we had a dog he'd know what to do.
He'd chaise all those cats back to Kalamazoo."
"But we don't have a dog!" Cried the bright cockatoo.

'I can get one." Said Tweety and with that he flew
around the corner, right past the zoo,
straight to the house of a bulldog named Lou.
Since dogs don't like cats Tweety just knew
this bulldog would do what he wanted him to.
Tweety told him his problem, explained what to do
and they both hurried back to the tree by the zoo.

They hid by the tree trunk and kept out of view
and when the cats came by in a minute or two
they jumped out of hiding and both shouted, "Boo!"
When the cats looked and saw the big bulldog named Lou
they all ran so fast that they practically flew!
And how Tweety laughed as he waved to a few
"Bye bye little putty tats, toodle de do!"

From then on things change as so often they do
in that biggest oak tree right across from the zoo.
For the 10 happy robbins, the bright cockatoo,
the sparrows, the larks, the owl that asked, "Who?"
the wrens and the crow and the pigeon named Sue
all built themselves houses and painted them blue!

And they were grateful to Tweety and thankful to Lou
for chasing those cats back to Kalamazoo!


By: Likes:

Thanks for typing out the whole book.

By: Likes:
By: Likes:

I have been searching and searching for this Tweety and Sylvester book for ages. I use to read it to my kids when they were little and now they have kids. All I could remember was Kalamazoo and the twisty twirvy avenue.

This brings back such fond memories of my children when they were little.

Thanks so much.

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