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By: Likes:

Here's the poem:


What do Daddies do all day?
Daddies work while children play.
They work at desks.
They work in stores,
in factories
and out-of-doors.

Daddies fix the clothes we wear.
Barber Daddies cut our hair.
Some Daddies help us keep well_fed.
They make us buns and cakes and bread.

Some build planes.
Some make them fly.
Some catch fish for us to fry.

Dads make clocks
and Dads make chairs.
Farmer Dads grow corn and pears.

Dads are sailors dressed in blue.
And Daddies are policemen, too.
Some Daddies mend our broken toys.
And some teach little girls and boys.

Dads dig coal
and Dads drive cars.
Dads put food in cans and jars.

Doctor Daddies keep folks well.
Daddies paint
and Daddies sell.
Daddies sit at desks and write
the books we read in bed each night.

Dads make steel
and Daddies sing.
Dads do almost everything.
But when they've worked the whole day through
what do they best like to do?
By taxi, train, byt car and bus,
Daddy rushes home - to us!

By: Likes:

Can someone PLEASE help me find the big book with the Red cover on it. My dad use to read me "daddies" everynight. I am getting married and want to give him that book for his best man gift. PLEASE help if you know anything!!!!!!!

By: Likes:

Hi- I have good news for all. Daddies is being reprinted by Golden this May! I will have it available on my website, www.schultzsllc.com, as soon as it is in print if you would like to order it from me. Dick

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