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Does anyone know the aproximate value of the Golden Read-It Yourself Book A Pickle For A Nickle? I didnt see a # on this but a copy right of 1961 and it has a # for the Library of congress catalog card number 61-12364

Or any of the following Walt Disney Golden Shape Books:
Dumbo #5904-1
Dumbo #5941
Mickey Mouse #5914
The Donald Duck Book #5911
The Bugs Bunny Book #5804-1
The Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Book #5916
Tootle #5812-33

The Sesame Street Golden Shape Books
The Counts Number Parade #5876
Oscar-The-Grouch's Alphabet of Trash #5880
Wanted: The Great Cookie Thief #5877
The Ernie and Bert Book #5879

Than these random books:
**The Bear in the Boat #13689-A (soft cover)
**Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland Finds the Garden of Live Flowers (couldn't find a # on it but the copy right is 1951 and I think 1st edition)
**A Golden Super Shape Classic Hansel and Gretel (again no #)
**A Golden Shape Book: The Christmas Book #5952

If you could help me with any of these I would be grateful!

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