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I recently bought an unopened box of 10 Preschool Little Golden Books and also an unopened box of 6 Little Golden Books with 4 Turnaround prints to hang , 4 postcaeds th send. I can't check the edition without opening these boxes which I don't want to do.
10 Preschool Little Golden Books includes:
My Home, Forest Hotel, Baby Farm Animals, The Little Book, The Little Golden A B C, Richard Scarry's Just For Fun, My First Counting Book, Colors Are Nice, and Picture Dictionary.
6 Little Golden Books includes:
My Little Book, The New Baby, So Big, Where Did The Baby Go?, The Boy With a Drum, and Baby's Birthday.
(also included the prints to hang and postcards.
Any clue these boxes worth.

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Sets usually go in the 20-25 dollar range. Some higher, some lower. It is difficult to find a guidebook which stays up to date on sets. The preschool set is quite common but the set of 6 you have is not found to often.

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