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I have a 1954 copy of Little Gray Donkey and it has the "A" on the last page at the bottom by the spine. The covers are pretty worn and the gold has all rubbed off of the spine. However, the inside is in VERY good condition. Very minimal yellowing along the outter edges of the pages. The colors are very vivid and there is no writing on the inside except for the "this book belongs to" area.

Based on this, can anyone tell me the value of this book?

Thanks Razz

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You need to look at the total package. The book is not mint, not good, not average, maybe used and worn but complete. If a mint is 12.00, good is 9.00, average is 6.00, used and worn would be less. It is very hard to determine a price for an unseen book but I guessed....
It is also hard to determine what people would pay for it. If they have searched for a long time, they'd pay more. If they need a lot of books they would probably pay less.....all relative to need.

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