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Rolling Eyes HI, We are new to the forum and are very hopeful that this will find us the correct name of a book. When I was a child I had a book about a Christmas tree and woodland creatures. It began..Its almost Christmas and still no snow cry the woodland creatures as out they go to gather their berries and nuts and twigs...and then my memory fails me..I was born in 1955 so do not know if the book was bought around that time or was a book that belonged to older siblings that we all born in the 40's. I do recall it having a very wonderfully thick cover and the inside if I remember right had the little goldenbook brownish and it seems I remember the golden book puppy and kittens and there was a wonderul golden shiny binding.....can anyone help me...thank you

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The book you seek is 'The Animals' Merry Christmas.' On page 6 is a poem that begins-
"It's almost Christmas, and still no snow!"
Cry the woodland creatures. "We still can go
Out of our houses to search for roots
And seeds in the dry grass, and maybe shoots
Of fern and fennel that think it's spring.

The book was first printed in 1958. It has a value of 18.00. If you search the title on ebay you will find many books with that title. You are looking for a book with a dark blue cover with a bear with a banjo and an owl,bunny, racoon and cat.It is a vintage golden book. There are some there. I went from this website onto ebay and searched the title.

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I have a friend's copy for sale on amazon (not the Giant one as the listing says, *note to self-edit that*)


thank you for your consideration

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