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Hi! I have a very dear aunt who is looking for a Little Golden Book named "Matilda, McElroy and Mary". My aunt's name is Mary, and she remembers relating to the character Mary in this book as a child. She was born in the mid-1940s, but I don't know at what point she got the book. I can't find a record of this book ever existing, but I would love to locate it for her if it's out there somewhere. Any ideas? Is there a "master list" anywhere of all the Golden Book titles throughout the years? Thanks for any info!

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This website had a listing of little golden books but you will not find that title there. Matilda, MacElroy and Mary is the title of a tell a tale book. The guidebook value is 15.00 for this title. You can find one on ebay and one on amazon for sale but at much larger prices.

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"This is the house of Mrs. Mouse and these are her children three,
And this is the tale of how they live and play like you and me."

"Three little hats, three little coats, three little pairs of boots
And ready for a rainy day, three little bumbershoots!"

I loved that book!

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I had Little Golden Book from Scotland when I was growing up in the 1950's. As I recall, one of the names in the book was McElroy. I don't remember the book's title, though, only one small scenario about not talking to certain people because they were 'gentry.' The story appeared to take place in the 'horse and buggy' days. I've had no success in finding a copy.

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