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Earlier today, I picked up two Little Golden Books at our local thrift store -
The Shy Little Kitten (10th printing, 1975)
The Little Red Caboose (18th printing, 1974)
These are both soft-cover books with a Kimbies logo on the front and a Kimbies ad on the back. I've done some research to figure out the who's and the what's of Kimbies, but would appreciate more information - I've recently started collecting (so nice, the world of haphazard shopping, when every book is still a new purchase :p) and very much enjoy items like the advert books (one of my favorite books is...oh dear, can't think of the word, please excuse a beginner...nothing old, just one of the "little" Little Golden Books, one of nursery rhymes, that has a message from former WI Governer Tommy Thompson glued into the front - looks like this must have, at one time, been given to new parents 'cause it talks about the value of reading to your children, etc. Being a Sconnie (Wisconsinite) myself, it's, for lack of a better word...cool.)

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Hi there--this question was posted some time ago, but in case you haven't yet found some answers--Kimbies were a brand (probably Kimberly-Clark) of disposable diapers in the 1970's, as far as I recall; haven't heard of them in many years.

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Kimbies are disposable diapers. There are 5 books available with this advertising. The book with Tommy Thompsons' message to new mothers is available in three different styles of paste in message. There is also another governor message available.

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