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I baught the following at an auction today, and would like to know the collectable value.

1) Tne New Puppy by Kathleen N Daly, published in 1969 - it does have some damage on the interior pages.
2) Animal Friends by Jane Werner, published in 1953 - the back cover is scuffed but otherwise in good shape.
3) Tommy's Camping Adventure by Gladys Saxon, published in 1962, A on back page, the binding is worn.
4) The Animals of Farmer Jones illustrated by Rudolf Freund, published in 1942, ther is a name on the inside of the front cover.
5) Hansel and Gretel by Jacob and William Grimm, published in 1943. G on the back page, the corner of the front cover is bent.
6) Tootle by Gertrude Crampton. published in 1946. G on the back page, the front cover has torn from the binding at the bottom.

All the books are otherwise in great shape, exept as noted. If anyone knows the value of these books, I would greatly appreciate a reply.

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From your description, there probably is not much value to these books.
Most golden books can be found in really great shape.
Only the first editions or some titles with new covers or a really sought after title would have value in this kind of shape.
Tommy's Camping Adventure would only be the one because you say it is an 'A'. It could have a value of 6.00 or so with that kind of wear.

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