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The Lion King

Beauty & The Beast


Baby Farm Animals

Baby Animals

The Little Mermaid

We help daddy

Donald duck's Toy sailboat

Lady and the Tramp

Bettina the Ballerina

Bugs Bunny and the health hog

The very best home for me

My little golden book about God

Tickety Tock What Time is it?

Just Imagine a book of Fairyland rhymes

Theodore Mouse goes to sea

Things i like

The little Golden book of Jokes and riddles


We like Kindergarten

My little Golden book of manners

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Your two best sources would be ebay or Steve Santi's book. The book list values. It can be purchased at amazon.

Otherwise Holly should respond.


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thanks for giving the contact for Santi's book, Dwight. It is the most recent guidebook to use for pricing. This party also contacted me by email and I gave some help as to pricing.

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