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I have a Golden Book and was wondering if anyone can give me an approximate value on it.

It is "The Animals' Merry Christmas". Copyright 1950.

I have done some looking, but can't seem to find this particular version and suspect it may be a true first and possibly very rare.

The book is 12.5 x 9.25 inches in size. It does NOT have any additions to the title (Like 30 stories).
It is NOT a Giant book. The front cover says that it is "A BIG GOLDEN BOOK / IN FULL COLOR"
It does NOT have any price codes on it anywhere, but the back cover says "Other Titles In This Series, $1.00 each". It lists 22 Golden books, then follows with 14 Walt Disney books.
It does have a code on the front cover (top right) - 10315
It does NOT have a pop-up.
The pages are in very good condition, and will still curve up if the book is opened anywhere except the covers.
The covers are in good shape with the the only significant issue being the binding strip which is torn at the top (about 1.5 inches down) with about 0.5 inch of it missing at the very top, and it is chipped and worn all the way down, but complete otherwise.
Where the staples are is worn, but the staples are not showing through.
The binding strip has triangles all the way down.
There is name written in ink on the very first page where the book says "ANIMAL'S MERRY CHRISTMAS belongs to...."

I found books that people are claiming are first editions with codes of A,B or C and various price codes starting at 150 (B150150) with asking prices of up to $350.00, but as stated above, the only indication of a price on this book is on the back cover, and that is $1.00.

Any guesses as to a value?


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Your book is found in the 5th edition of Little Golden Books by Santi. It is valued at 8.00.

Big Golden books originally had the gold binding or the diamond binding.

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