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I am curious about the publishing history of this LGB illustrated by Masha.

The copyright date of the story is 1942.

My copy: lists Simon and Schuster as the publisher; has a price of 25 cents on the cover (I know, 20 year span at this price); has a gold and brown foil spine; has the number 225 below the price; and has the letter "A" on the last page.

Doesn't the A indicate first edition? The last title listed on the back cover is D44 Donald Duck in Disneyland; and I know that Disneyland wasn't built until the late 1950's. Confused

How do I find out the date / edition for my book?


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Your book was published in 1955(from the guidebook). It is a first edition( by the A). Copyrights in little golden books refer to the story copyright so do not help in identification.This book was shortened from the original #1-42 pages to 28 pages, that is why it has an A and new number.

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