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Hi all!

I picked this book up today and cannot find it referenced anywhere (yes, I have a Warmans).

My First Book about God
A Golden Book
By: Jane Werner
Illus: Eloise Wilkin
Book states copyright 1956, 1957
No Edition stated, no number-line
Simon & Schuster (Artists & Writers Guild)
Inside front cover, bottom left: A100100
Spine: Is covered with green tape, but I can see beneath a little and it's a PINK background spine with Green Flowers that have a black dot inside the flowers.
Not Paginated
Cardboard type

Can anyone help to identify this book? Never seen a spine like this before.

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O.K., I went ahead and removed the Green tape, very carefully after heating with hair dryer to try and loosen it some. Came off pretty easily, only lifting a very small bit of paper. Whew!

The Spine is Light Pink with title and Publisher written in Light Green. The portions of the spine that goes onto the front & back covers is still the pink, with little green flowers with black dots in the center of each.

There is no number on the spine. Nor anywhere on the book for that matter. (just the numbers mentioned above inside the front cover (A100100).

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very nice.. i love those books too. my first book is Jungle Book.. i was 3 years old then. =)

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You did not state a size to this book BUT from the A100 A100, I realized it is a larger golden book. What you have is a first (A) edition of the big golden book with some of the older spine like little golden books had. There were a few special ones( like yours) but I do not know why??? I own own also. It sold for 1.00(100).

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