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I have a good condition of the 5th printing of boats. What is the worth of it?also a 2nd pr. of Animal daddies and my daddy,Dumbo with A-J on it, 2 ROMPER ROOM Exercise book 1st ed.,Poky Little Pup's Naughty Day 1st ed., and several 1st ed. books of 1997.the 97's are mint and the others are good.thanks so much if you help.I've collected these books for about 15yrs. I have about 200 right now.Most probably have no value but I lovr them the same.

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As I have stated many times, it is very difficult to price and unseen book. A good 5th would probably have little value unless it was changed somehow in that printing. There are plenty of excellent or fine books around. A guidebook which gives you price for a mint A and how to downgrade after that is invaluable.

I love all my books...even those with sentimental value that are junk because my kids or nephew loved them so!

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