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I recently aquired a sealed Little Golden Book and Record of Ukelele and her new doll. I'd like some information on it such as year etc cos I sure don't want to open it! I'm planning to put it up on Ebay. Thanks for any help + Best Wishes! What a great site this is! Deb

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hi, are u planning to sell the book? if it's a hardcover ukelele and her new doll, im interested! i used to love the illustations when i was a kid..haha..can i know more?


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I need to know more information. Is it a square record and book, soft cover? OR Is it taller than wide soft cover book and record? OR is it a regular hard cover golden book with a record in a cardboard sleeve?? Does it have a Disneyland logo on the cover?? These answers will help me determine an answer.

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