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A number of golden books have been passed down to my infant daughter and I would like to know there value before letting her have at them please.

"Goodbye, Tonsils", second printing ,1971
"Hansel and Gretel", 1971, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin
"The Jolly Barnyard", sixth printing, 1950
"Walt Disney's Three Little Pigs", 32nd printing (has a D78 on front)
"The Little Red Hen", 14th printing
"Bert's Hall of Great Inventions (Sesame Street)", 1972
"Animal Daddies and My Daddy", 2nd printing
"The Lively Little Rabbit", 1971
"The Night Before Christmas", 1977
"Baby Farm Animals", 10th printing, 1972
"The Little Red Caboose", 1972
"The Big Brown Bear", 6th printing ,1973

Please note that they are all in excellent condition. And all but the Night before Christmas have a price on them of 39 cents.


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The books you have listed do not include any real expensive books. The value is usually in the first edition only but collectors like any edition if they don't have a certain title. Let her enjoy them.

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