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If anyone can tell me the value of these books, I'd appreciate it. Trying to decide if I should allow my 1.5yr old daughter destroy them ...er... read them Smile

Sesame Street (all in VF to NM condition)
The Together Book (Fourth Printing, 1976)
Oscar's Book (Third Printing, 1976)
Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree (Eleventh Printing, 1981)
Big Bird's Red Book (Sixth Printing, 1979)
The Monster at the end of This Book (Fifth Printing, 1976)

Walt Disney (all G-VG condition)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Thirty-First Printing, 1971)
Bambi (Thirtieth Printing, 1971)
Peter Pan and Wendy (Ninth Printing, 1971)
Mickey Mouse: The Kitten-Sitters (unknown - 49cent, D133, copyright 1976, back page ending with D130 - The Love Bug)

G - Bugs Bunny's Carrot Machine (unknown - Authorized Edition, 39cent, 127, copyright 1971, back page ending with D123 - Disneyland on Parade)
VG - MGM's Tom and Jerry meet Little Quack (Third Printing, 1971)
VF - The Country Mouse and the City Mouse (Fourth Printing "D E F G H I J")

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
-- Dave

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Anyone?? .... Anyone??
Bueller?? ... Bueller??

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Any copy which is not a first edition should be enjoyed as a book first. The 31st edition of a book has little value. None of your books are rare.

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