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Hi, I've got a Golden Look-Inside Book "The Enchanted Forest" from the early 1960's. Inside there are 5 openings or flaps and in each is a small book: Goldilocks, Little Red RIding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, 3 Little Pigs. The book itself is 10"x13" tall and each book inside is between 2"-4" tall. The front has the number 11032 no spaces or dash. The back states the stories are by Alice Chase and illustrated by Loretta Trezzo. Golden Press New York. Unfortunately some of the little pages are missing. I'd like to replace them. Either by finding another book or possibly by Xeroxing a bigger version and shrinking it to fit in. Do you know anything about these Look-Inside books? How would I find another copy, ebay and such are turning up empty.

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