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I just found a whole bunch more Golden Books and some of these appear to be quite old. Any information on the value would be appreciated.

"Busy Timmy", first edition, 1948
"Smokey Bear and the Campers", 2nd printing, 1971
"Chicken Little", 1960 (1st edition?)
"Cowboy ABC", 1960, has a 25cent price on it
"The 12 Days of Christmas", 1963 (1st edition?)
"Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup", 11th printing
"Pluto Pup Goes to Sea", 1952 (1st edition?)
"Bobby and his Airplanes", 1940, (1st edition?)
"Rootie Kazootie Baseball Star", 1954, (1st edition?)
"Bugs Bunny's Carrot Machine", 2nd printing, 1973


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The books you list can be priced from 5.00 to 35.00 for first editions in mint shape. Again I repeat, It is hard to give a value without seeing the book because of edition and condition.

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