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Hi there. I'm looking for a Christmas book I had when I was younger that I'm pretty sure was a Little Golden Book. I searched the forum for all the threads about Christmas books but didn't find it. I did notice that I recognized some of the stories that people mentioned were in the book "My Christmas Treasury" so perhaps this story was in there as well but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it's a story about a family who goes to visit their grandmother on Christmas Eve and has to go on snowshoes through the woods to get to her house.

If anyone recognizes this I'd appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Well, if they were rabbits and not people, it could be "The Snowshoe Rabbits" by Kathryn Jackson. This appeared in both My Christmas Treasury, a Little Golden Book copyright 1976, as well as in the earlier Giant Golden Book The Animals' Merry Christmas (illustrated by Richard Scarry). I don't know if it was ever printed by itself and not in an anthology.

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My friend is also looking for this book.
She remembers the title as Christmas in the Country, with a picture of a family on the front. According to a documentary she saw It was one of the very first Golden Books and is hard to find.
There is a picture of a family traveling to visit grandparents or grandmother for Christmas on the front cover.

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Christmas in the Country does not have snowshoes in the story at all. It is about going to grandmother and grandfathers for Christmas. This book is now easily available on ebay. It is not one of the original golden books. It came out in 1950. My Christmas Treasury does have a story The Snowshoe Rabbits. They all talked of going to grandmothers on Christmas Day. When they awoke the new snow was so deep but they went on showshoes..The book ends with a poem in italics-----Snowshoe rabbits in the snow,Off to Grandma's house we go_ Holly, pudding, popcorn, toys, Shining candles, lots of noise; Off to Grandma's house we go! Sing for Christmas! Sing for snow! Does this soung familiar?????

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I spoke to my friend and asked her about the book she has been looking for. It is Christmas in the Country published in 1950.
I told her to look at ebay which has several copies up for auction and she recognized it as the one she remembers from childhood.
She remembered the cover incorrectly, guesses the illustration she is thinking of is probably inside the book.
Glad to know it isn't as rare as she thought. Thanks. And you are right, this story doesn't mention snowshoes.

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The Little Golden Book that featured a story about snow shoes was called "Little Galoshes". It was written by Kathryn and Byron Jackson. I have a copy in my library but I don't see a copyright or publication date on it anywhere.

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MY CHRISTMAS TREASURY Giant Little Golden Book 23 stories

I Believer this is the one you are looking to find. There are several copies on ebay and a search may help you find one at a reasonable cost. They range from $9.00 to $100. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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