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Hi thank you for looking and sharing any knowledge you have. I would love to find new homes for these books. I am not very knowledgable on book condition but I am really impressed with the condition of the books. Maybe its just because my children destory their books?
Thanks for looking!

The Golden Christmas Book by Gertrude Crampton- A Big Golden Book (copyright says 1947) The book is white with Santa and two children angels on his lap. This is the one that has the green pop up Christmas tree when you open the book. Tree is in good condtion as well as the book. All puzzles are NOT done and the pages are in really good condition. Looks almost like it was never read.. just sat around for years. The cover is a little scuffed and looks dingy. The paper over the binding is coming up... but I think it looks really good. But I am not an expert!!!

The Golden Christmas Book by Gertrude Crampton - A Big Golden Book (copyright says 1955, 1947) also there is a number on the front of the book (10433) This book is blue with a picture of Santa and two children on a sled. This book inside is very nice.. doesnt look read at all. The cover is a little dingy and the edge is pulling up... I would think just normal wear and tear. Again not an expert.

The Golden Mother Goose by Jane Werner/ Alice and Martin Provensen - A Giant Golden book - Copyright-1948
again inside pages are great.. doesnt look read... outside cover is goo... the film covring the book is coming up in spots

Animal Stories by Georges Duplaix / Rojankovsky - A Giant Golden book - copyright 1944
inside pages are really good. outside cover is really good too. The dust jacket is showing its age! A few rips on the jacket and some brown coloring but it has done a good job protecting the actual book because the cover is really good.

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Hi April, I would love to buy your 1947 edition of Golden Christmas Book for my brother. $40 to $50? Please email me at blacktreechaser@hotmail.com.

Thank you.

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