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I pick up a lot of books for my kiddo's, aged 3,5,7, at yard sales and consignments shops, even the salvation army! My mother gasped at some of the Golden Books on our shelf and insisted I find out their worth before allowing the children to play with them. So, as I ALWAYS follow mom's advice. . .

Our flag, 388 in top left, second printing, 1971, 39c, little wear, light child's name in pencil in the belongs to.

The Bunny Book, 215 in top left, fifth printing, 1975, 49c, old scotch tape mark on cover, (cute, what will Baby Bunny be when he grows up?)

Good-bye, Tonsils, 327 in top left, fgpp, 1971, 39c, small tear in top rt cover,

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, note: the binding is red and green with shiny silver bells, 331, just says copyright 1958, 29c, nice shape, slight wrinkle tho as if it was bent long ago.

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse' The Fox and The Crow' The Dog and His Bone, 426 top left, 89c, cr 1961, last page torn out.

Walt disney presents Winnie-the-Pooh, D116 top left, 23rd printing, 1978, 59c, nice shape, blue balloon has been rub worn tho.

Thanks for any time you spend helping me, let me know if anyone wants one of these books to help complete a collection, I collect Amethyst comic books so I know how much you can crave holding something in your own hand!!! (I might even trade for an Amethyst comic or two hint hint< lol >)

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Most golden books need to be first edition to have any value....any book that has pages missing or torn covers probably has no value...
In my collection I have books such as you stated but have not paid any large amount for them or picked them up the same places you do.
It is good that you listed them as if anyone wants those titles they can contact you. thanks

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I know that these books aren't worth a fortune, but neither are Amethyst comic books (pennies for a pile) or fisher price loving family doll house dolls and stuff. But I know things can be hard to track down, and I am willing to trade!

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