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Does anyone know of or have any information on a doll that was produced in 1962 by LGB's named The Paper Doll Wedding? The doll also came with the LGB book by the same name. The box says that LGB's included a book with the doll so that a child could experience both the reading and interaction with the doll. I've found a few things on the book by itself, nothing with respect to the doll. It is a combo package as the doll looks just like the girl on the book. The Box is good, Doll is mint, book is mint uncut. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Link to view the doll and book did not go with the 1st post so here it is:


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This is one of Jolly Toys golden book doll and book combos. Others I know exist are Little Red Riding Hood, Nurse Nancy,Busy Timmy, Hansel and Gretel(each with book), My Dolly and Me, Heidi. I have seen them sell for 35.00 to 300.00. This book with all pages of clothes and dolls is valued around 100. Contact me( on left at contact) if you are interested in selling as I know a few collectors who might be interested.

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I have a copyright 1954 first edition in good condition. Four of the five original dolls (no ring bearer) in excellent condition. All pages not cut. Anyone interested in this?

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If Your 1954 copy is the same as mine -- LGB "The Paper Doll Wedding" -- the 5th cut out is not a ring bearer but the bride and groom for the top of the wedding cake!

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Did you actually sell this book? I may be interested.

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My name is Carol Kline. I live in Los Angeles. I have the Golden Book, A Paperdoll Wedding from 1954...the dolls are intact and not punched out. The book is in good condition. Rare it is to find this not punched out. A little girl's name is written on the inside cover as to who originally owned the book. I am selling it because the lack of work in the film industry has hit us hard. I am on Ebay as Kisssara and have not yet put it up for auction. (I am talking off the top of my head and will send you more specifics and photos if you wish.) I originally paid $125.00 for it a few months ago. I would have to at least receive that amount.
So think about it.
I am 61 years old and had the same book to play with...of course, it didn't survive. But the illustrations are so wonderful and I remember that it jump started my desire to costume design....which I ended up doing under my maiden name: Carol Brolaski

My e-mail is carolkl@sbcglobal.net


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Hey......guy.......I don't have any idea about it however u may take help of net.



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