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I have 112 little golden books comprised of:
75 hard cover books
32 soft cover books
5 small hard cover books
I am looking to sell so let me know if you are interested in ANY
I don't know any of the editions and printing dates but here are the titles and conditions

Good Condition – worn pages
1. One of the family
2. Little golden picture dictionary
3. Good night, little bear
4. The shy kittle kitten
5. The shy kittle kitten
6. The whispering rabbit
7. Ready set grow
8. Micky mouse and the great lot plot
9. Prayers for children
10. Things in my house
11. Lady and the tramp
12. Cars
13. The lord is my shepherd
14. Grover takes care of baby
15. The poky little puppy
16. The poky little puppy hungry little puppies
17. Bugs bunny, pioneer
18. Batter up
19. Micky mouse and goofy the big bear scare
20. Donald ducks toy sailboat
21. Winnie-the-pooh and the honey patch
22. The day snuffy had the sniffles
23. Count all the way to sesame street
24. Colors are nice
25. Seasame street Puppy love
26. Abc Rhymes
27. Tawny scrawny lion
28. The friendly book
29. Tickety-tock what tme is it?
30. Old mother goose and the other nursery rhymes
31. Little cottontail
32. My little golden book about god
33. The tortoise and the hare
34. The elves and the shoemaker
35. The three bears
36. Bambi friends of the forest
37. The big enough helper
38. My first counting book
39. The grand and wounderful day
40. Dumbo
41. Mickey mouse the kitten-sitters
42. Ducktales the secret city under the sea
43. The prince and the pauper
44. Little golden picture dictionary
45. Words
46. “Me cookie!”
47. What will I be? A wish book
48. The shoe lace box
49. The first golden geography a beginner’s introduction to our wolrd
50. Grovers guide to good manners
51. Romper room exercise book
52. Kermit, save the swamp!
53. We help daddy
54. My first book of the planets
55. Big bird brings spring to sesame street
56. Puppy on the farm
57. Winnie the pooh and the honey tree

Poor Condition – writing and/or tears
58. The country mouse and the city mouse
59. Micky mouses picnic
60. Smokey bear finds a helper
61. Little mummy
62. Tootle
63. Doctor dan the bandage man
64. Oscar’s new Neighbor
65. Pinocchio
66. The new baby
67. Daniel in the lions den
68. Bozo the clown
69. Bamm-bamm with pebbles Flintstone
70. Zorro
71. Hymns

Junk Condition – missing pages
72. Donald duck and the one bear
73. The kitten’s surprise
74. Mickey mouse and goofy the big bear scare
75. Fire engines

Fine Condition – read but as new
1. Big bird brings spring to sesame street

Good Condition – worn pages
2. ABC rhymes
3. The little engine that could
4. The large and growly bear
5. Just for fun
6. Mister dog
7. I think that it is wonderful
8. Animal dictionary
9. The boy with a drum
10. The jolly barnyard
11. Three little pigs
12. Dogs
13. Cinderella
14. Bugs bunny too many carrots
15. The new baby
16. The little golden picture dictionary
17. The four seasons
18. Raggedy Ann and Andy the little grey kitten
19. My first counting book
20. The saggy baggy elephant
21. Tawny scrawny lion
22. The circus is in town a counting book
23. We help daddy
24. Master dog
25. Mickey mouse and the best neighbor
26. The big enough helper

Poor Condition – writing and/or tears
27. The three bears
28. Pluto pup goes to sea
29. Bible stories of boys and girls
30. The twins
31. Mother goose
32. Fire engines

Good Condition – worn pages
1. My first little mother goose
2. How big are you
Poor Condition – writing and/or tears
4. No nap today!
5. The wheels on the bus

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I have the Warman's Little Golden Book Price Guide. Sells on ebay for about $20.00. You may have a treasure or two worth looking up. I see that you have Little Mommy - FIrst Edition in excellent condition is $75.00. And depending on the year and condition, Mr. Dog could be worth as much $25.00. I hope this helps.

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Based on some your titles, I'm going to assume your in Australia (Mummy instead of Mommy). The Australian market and US market are quite different. Because of book condition and shipping charges to the US, I wouldn't expect these titles to sell to a US collector. Some of your titles that don't have a "-" in the book number may be of interest to an Australian collector.

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