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I think you may be looking for the same title I was. Its called “My Alphabet” and is a Little Golden book. ISBN 0307101045 or 9780307101044 and by E. K Davis. I have found copies on ebay and alibris. It has a green cover and shows a red haired child reading a book which I believe is an alphabet book.

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I was telling my wife about this book and how it might be good for our grandson. Went online and found this thread. Then dragged it out of my keepsake box in the attic. It's named The ABC Picture Book, by Florence Sarah Winship. Copyright 1940 & 43. I've got the whole book if anyone wants pictures, etc. I know how much fun it is to revisit an old book-friend.

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Florence Sarah Winship's "ABC Book," Whitman c1940
A is for apple, so rosy and red,
B is for bunny a d also for bed,
C is for Cat and also for Cow,
D is for dog that says bow wow,
E is for elephant we see in the zoo,
F is for flowers for pink, white, and blue,
G is for goose with feathers of gray,
H is for horse that gallops away,
I is for ice cream, so good and so sweet,
J is for jelly and jam that we eat,
K is for Kite that sails in the sky,
L is for Lamb that kicks his heels high,
M is for Mittens we wear in the storm
N is for Nightgown so cuddly and warm
O is for Orange so round and so bright
P is for Pig with his tail curled up tight
Q is for Quail a very light brown
R is for Rabbit that hops on the ground
S is for Sun that shines so bright
T is for Turtle with a shell that is tight.
U is for umbrella oh look it is torn
V is for vegetable my favorite is corn,
W is for
X is for xylophone let’s play along,
Y is for yellow the color of my boat,
Z is for zipper to fasten my coat.

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The expression might have been ".....SO rosy and red" ! I recall hearing this expression on a Halifax, Nova Scotia radio station (perhaps CBC) during the WW!! years. It seems to me that it was used quite often during (or immediately following) a newscast. It never seemed to me to have any context to a news item. Some speculate that it was a form of messaging regarding the movement of naval convoys in and out of the busy Halifax harbor ! Perhaps someone can confirm, or otherwise.

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ABC Bunny Book

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Quote by: Rhys

I could continue...because my mother still has it memorized 50+ years later! We are looking for the book, of course, but first need to know what the title is!!

Thanks for your help!!

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There used to be a Ladybird ABC book that was a bit like that. I learnt to read with it in the early 1950s. I remember it to this day, along with all the pictures. I'd love a copy, if you find it. I think it was just called the Ladybird ABC.
A is for apple, so juicy and red,
B is for baker who bakes buns and bread,
C is for cat and for cot where you sleep,
D is for dog on the downs with the sheep,
E is for Engine that runs on the rails,
F is for fishes with glittering scales,
G is for goat eating grass by the road,
H is for horse that can pull a big load,
I is for ink, for writing a letter,
J is for jam; we like jelly better,
K is for kite that pulls hard on the string,
L is for lantern that shines when we sing,
M is for mouse that is so fond of cheese,
N is for nest where birds live in the trees,
O is for oranges; here there are lots,
P is for pastry, pies, plates,pans and pots,
Q is for Queen with a crown on her head,
R is for robin with breast russet red,
S is for seaside, spades sand and sea,
T is for teatime, with teddy and me,
U's for umbrella, for days that are wet,
V is for Vera and sweet violet,
W is for wagtail, a neat, pretty bird,
X hardly ever comes first in a word,
Y is for yacht and for youngsters like you,
Z is for Zebra you see at the zoo.

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I may have a copy of the ABC book and I will look for it if you're still needing one. My father was the first president of Golden Books, so we inherited many uncirculated copies. So glad you have enjoyed Golden Books.

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