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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a First Edition of this book, hopefully from the first print run, to buy or borrow to determine just what Scuffy's adventures really were down that river. I have three copies of this book - one from 2002 - first Random House printing, one from 1981 - 27th printing, and the last is part of a book called "Golden Favorites" - a book filled with Golden Books which forms part of a 4 book set called "The Little Golden Book Library". The first two I mentioned are the same in respects to the storyline but the last one includes two "additional adventures" I never noticed before reading this adnauseum to my son. In the "Golden Favourites" version Scuffy passes over rapids and gets cross with hard stones after meeting the cows and later in the book he comes to a great dam and falls over the edge after the people and the fields and towns are safe. Admittedly when I recently realised the "extra" adventures I was a little freaked out, I couldn't read this one by heart, I had to follow the book - it resparked my interest in the book again and in reading it to my son. It also got me wondering what else happened to this curious little tugboat.

It would seem that there is more to this classic than currently being offered (at least since 1981). Page counts that I've seen through researching range from about 28 through to 42. The older the book, the more pages it seems to have. It seems that Scuffy's adventures have been culled down over time to keep with being politically correct and relevant to current times. Maybe Scuffy getting cross with stones, being slapped by a brook, falling safely over a dam and talk of powering radios and telephones (?) and irons and vacuum cleaners for miles around was just too much for new generations to handle.

I ask for assistance for purely selfish reasons I'm sick to death of reading this book BUT my son (18 months) loves it so much he cries when I stop reading it part way through, he cries if I skip pages, he cries when the book ends and he cries if he is put to bed without it being read to him first. He'll basically cry when it's out of his sight! Some kids have blankies and favourite toys - well I guess mine has a favourite book. Woe is me and all that... so, to keep my interest going in reading it to him (because I've read it so often I know it by heart - well I thought I did until the "extra adventures" popped up) I'd like to see the full, original version. If anyone can help me out with even just high quality scans I'd really appreciate it.

Many thanks,

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I have Scuffy the Tugboat, little little golden book 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" 1955. Picture is available.


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