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Hi and Hello..
i am hoping one of you lovely collectors may be able to help me..
i have found two sets of LGB stories in sets of four.

One is the Walt Disney set : Golden Classics, Golden Treasury, Golden Friends and Golden surprises.
these were published in 1974 in Singapore by Golden Press Sydney.

The other set consists of Bedtime Stories, Fairytales and Rhymes, Our wonderful world and Golden favourites.
these seem to be a set called " The little golden book Library"
Published in Singapore by Golden Press New York. I cant see a date .

They are very sweet books.. and I got them to use in mixed media art.. but wanted to find out if they are valuable before I start cutting into them!
I would hate to destroy rare books.

would love to hear form anyone who can shed some light on my books and the rarity of them?

Thank You so much!
Ngaire In Brisbane Australia.

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I wouldn't recommend cutting up the, " The little golden book Library". An set without the box sold on Ebay from Australia for $184.00 USD. Not sure why it sold so high. I usually see it sell for around $85 USD.
The Other set can sell for $5 to $10 a book. would probably sell only to someone in Australia, because the shipping to the US would be expensive.

Steve Santi
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