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I've never been on this site before so i hope I'm doing this right. I'm looking for the Little Golden Book "Cinderella". It's not Walt Disney's Cinderella. I had this as a child and I would love to find it for my granddaughters. I loved the illustrations. In this one Cinderella's ballgown is gold. Can anyone tell me where to find this. Thanks so much.

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It sounds like you may be looking for the Treasure Book, Cinderella( very similar to a Little Golden Book). It was later printed as a Wonder Book.

Author: Evelyn Andreas Copyright: 1954

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Thanks for the details, Steve.

benndalelady, I have just seen this book for sale on Amazon.com in the used books section, with the cover that I remember from childhood of Cinderella with the full coach and footmen. Publisher is Grosset and Dunlap.

I still have my original but I might pick up a copy myself for future grandchildren. The illustrations are superb.

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i think i may have this book you are looking for
its Cinderella and its by walt disney
please contact me if and we maybe able to get something happing
thank you

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