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Can any one help me?

I have over 70 LGB's from my childhood in the early 70's. Many of these books were printed in Sydney Australia. I have tried to determine the edition of the books from all the suggested methods to no avail.

How ever there is on many of the books front hard cover usually located on the top right hand corner an alpha and two or three numerics. This can also be found in other odd places on other covers throughout my collection. Does this have any meaning?

I definitely do not have any alpha's or numerics on the first two pages of these books nor any thing located on the last page near the spine.

Any assistance appreciated.

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There are no markings on Australian editions printed in the 70's to assist you in telling edition.
One way that you can use to make an attempt would be to check the book number with the last title listed on the inside back cover. I your within 15 titles, you could probably guess it to be a first of the books number. ex. 415 Birds last title listed on cover 430 Just For Fun (possible first)


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