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Just wondering if anyone can tell me if a book that is totally blank could be worth something? I have recently acquired a boxed collection and in the books is a blank book. It has the Golden book logo on the front cover, the back cover is fully illustrated (as all other books I have seen), the spine cover is also the same as others but all internal pages are blank. The book is mint condition also. Any info anyone could give me, would be greatly appreciated.

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The book was made for children to make their own golden book...pretty common.

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Ok thanks for your reply.

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I have a major mess up on the A Little Golden Books part.
The front cover is for "Brave Cowboy Bill" and is upside down, but the story is titled "When I Grow Up" by Kay and Harry Mace, Pictures by Corinne Malvern: Simon and Shuster New York. It was Copyrighted in 1950: First Print.
I am quite interested in finding out just how much this little childrens book is worth?


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