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So, I found this Golden Book titled, "Hi, Teddy!". I've searched everywhere and can find no mention of this book even existing, let alone information on if it has any value. Checked eBay, Amazon, and Google with no results. I'm starting to think I'm crazy and just not looking hard enough.

Anyways, about the book... The cover says it's "A Golden Book", no dates to be found, the inside reads:

"Golden Press
Western Publishing Company, Inc.
Racine, Wisconsin
World Rights Reserved by Shinwa Trading Co., Ltd.
Printed in Japan

Photographs by Gerry Swart

Teddy bear by Character Novelty Co., New York"

And that's it. Any information anyone might have would be greatly appreciated.

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This was a small, short lived series of 16 thick page books. The series was released sometime in late 1973 and sold for $1.00. The original release had four titles, yours being one of them. By 1976 there were nine titles and had a cover price of $1.25. Each of the titles I believe were photo books.

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