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First of all, I must say that I am brand new to this site. I am in the process of selling all of the GOlden Books I have ammased in the last 30 years. I have not counted lately, but thare are approximately 500+ in this collection. Some, obiviously, are duplicates, but many are not. There are some with the original dust jackets. Anyone have a clue as to how to go about this endeavor? I would part with specific books also, if that is what anyone is interested in. But, I would rather sell them as a whole lot. I had a complete list, but cannot find it. It would take a while to gather another list, but it can be done. I have not tried these on eBay or any other sites available for sales and/or auctions, so they would be "fresh" to the internet.
I can be reached via brockarla@aol.com.
Thanks for the consideratoin.

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