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I am desperately trying to chase down a boxset of books i had as a little girl they are a boxset of 4 hard covered thick books each consisting of serveral stories

One is the Walt Disney set : Golden Classics, Golden Treasury, Golden Friends and Golden surprises.
these were published in 1974 in Singapore by Golden Press Sydney.

The other set consists of Bedtime Stories, Fairytales and Rhymes, Our wonderful world and Golden favourites.
" The little golden book Library"

If anyone could tell me where i can puchase these or knows of anyone selling them i would be so happy!


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Hi Emma.

Are you still looking for these books? I've just seen your post and happen to have 4 of the 8 books (3 from one set and 1 from the other). Unfortunately it's not a complete set but I could help you if you are still interested.


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Hi Petra do u still have the books because I'm really interested

Thanks Toni

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Hi Petra I have the Little Golden Book Tales from Walt Disney box set if you are interested.

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