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hey i heard these books were actually worth something so i went and found these in the cupboard..
id be interested to know if these are worth anything and if your interested in buying one, name a price and if its worth my time id happily sell it to you Smile
generally good condition, i can give you more info on each book if you ask for it
email me at jonnytappouras@gmail.com
hoping to hear from you

1. donald duck private eye
2. winnie-the-pooh and the honey patch
3. bible stories of boys and girls (*2)
4. scruffy the tugboat
5. hansel and gretel
6. birds
7. bedtime stories
8. donald ducks adventure
9. so big
10. rocky and his friends
11. animal alpabet from a to z
12. blinky bill - extraordinary balloon adventure
13. duck tales
14. poky little puppy comes to sesame street
15. pinocchio
16. pinochio (difrent cover?)
17. the sleepy book
18. the velveteen rabbit
19. the golden egg book
20. pinocchio (39th print)
21. bialoskys speacial pcinic
22. rapunzel
23. little pussycat
24. richard scarys best little word book ever
25. mr. puffer-bill train engeneer
26. winnie-the-pooh meets gopher
27. grovers guide o good manners
28. the cow went over the moon
29. thumbelina
30. lady and the tramp
31. hunchback of notre dame
32. hercules
33.horses (reprinted 1978)
34. detective micky mouse
35. barbie cinderella
36. very busy barbie
37. hunchback of notre dame, quasimodo's new friend
38. donald ducks toy sailboat
39. where will all the animals go?
40. cinderella
41. chipmunks abc
42. ducktales
43. bugs bunny, pioneer
44. bugs bunny, marooned
45. mickey mouse and the great lot plot
46. words
47. the sleepy book
48. tootle
49. the sailor dog
50. cowboy mickey
51. hi-5, shapes shapes everywhere
52. elmo loves you
53. rainy day playbook (reprint, 1978)
54. scuffy the tugboat
55. walt disneys old yeller
56. tweet plays catch the puddy tat
57. boats
58. good-bye, tonsils (fourth print, 1976)
59. the many faces of ernie
60. tawny scrawny lion (7th printing 1975)
61. open up my suitcase
62. inspector gadget in africa
63. pocahontas
64. hi-5, colours, colours, all around
65. sesame street, i think that it is wonderful and other poems
66. david and goliath
67. dumbos book of colours (small book)
68. old macdonald had a farm
69. the jungle book
70. big bird brings spring to sesame street
71. thepokey little puppys naughty day
72. the little book (7th printing 1979)
73. the three little pigs (small book)
74. the emperors new clothes
75. pingu and robby
76. favorite nursery tales the gingerbread man and the golden goose
77. the road runner a very scary lesson

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