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I have a List of 200+ Little Golden Books I am Selling. The ones with a number beside the name means I have more then one copy. It will either a Different Cover, Date, numbers etc. Let me know if your interested in any by sending me a message at jb_games@hotmail.com. Also If you would like a picture I have one of every Book

123 Jiggle with me
101 Dalmations(2)
A Baby for Herry
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Meets the white rabbit
Animal Counting Book
Animal Daddies and my daddy
Baby Animals
Baby's Book
Baby's Christmas
Baby's Mother goose Pat-a-cake
Bambi Friends of the Forest(3)
Barbie and the Scavenger Hunt
Barbie Swan Lake
Barney The Best Christmas Ever
Beauty and the Beast Teapots Tale
Beauty and the Beast
Benji Fastest dog in the west
Best Balloon Ride Ever
Bialosky's Special Picnic
Big Birds Day on the Farm
Blue Barry Bear counts 1-20
Boo-o-s On First
bugs Bunny
Bug Bunny and the health Hog
Bugs Bunny ,Pioneer
Bugs Bunny Stowaway
Bunnies ABC
A Visit to the Childrens Zoo
Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree
the Country Mouse and the city mouse(2)
Crispy in The Birthday Band
Daddies all about the work they do
Dan Yaccaino Mother Goose
Dennis the Menace a quiet afternoon
Doctor Dan The Bandage Man
Donald Duck Some Ducks have all the luck(2)
Donalds Ducks Christmas Tree
Donald Ducks Toy Sailboat
Donald Ducks Toy Train
Duck and his friends
Ducktales The Secret City under the sea
Eeyore you're the best
The Golden Egg Book
Eloise Wilkins Mother goose(2)
Fairy Tale Theater Rapunzel
Farmyard Friends
Favorite Nursery Tales The Gingerbread man and the golden Gooose
Fire Engines
Four Puppies(2)
Garfield and the Space cat
My Little Golden Book Storybook about GOD
Goodnight Little Bear
Grandpa bunny
Hansel And Gretel
The Fox and the hound hide and Seek
Ho-Ho-Ho, Baby Fozzie
The Little Golden Book of Holidays
Home for a Bunny(2)
How to tell Time
A Happy day book - I can Pray to GOd
I cant wait until Christmas(2)
I love you Daddy
I think that is wonderful(2)
Inspector Gadget in Africa
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jungle book
just say please
Winnie the Pooh King of the Beasties
Lady and the tramp(2)
Lassie and her day in the sun
Let's Go Trucks
My little Golden Word Book
Little Pussycat(2)
The Littlest Christmas Elf
Lucky puppy The one Hundred and one Dalmations (2)
Aladdin The Magic Carpet Ride
The Little Mermaid Ariels Underwater adventure(2
Mickey And The Beanstalk
Mickey mouse and goofy The Big Bear Scare
Mickey mouse and the Best Neighbor Contest(3)
Mickey mouse and the Great Lot plot(2)
Mickey mouse and the Missing Mouseketeers
Mickey mouse The Kitten sitters(2)
Mickey mouse Those were the Days
Mickey mouse's Picnic
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mister Dog
The Monster At the end of this book
Walt Disney's Mother goose(4
Noahs Ark
Old Macdonald had a farm
Old Mother Hubbard
Oscars Book(2)
Peter and the wolf
Peter pan and Wendy
Peter Pan(3)
Petes Dragon
Picture Dictionary
Pluto And the Adventure Of the Golden Sceptor
Pooh and the dragon
Pound Puppies Lovable,Huggable Problem Puppies(2
Prayers for Children(2)
Prince Pauper
Puppy love(2
Rabbit and his friends(2
Raggedy Ann and Andy Help Santa Claus(2)
Raggedy Ann and Andy The Little gray Kitten(2)
Raggedy ann and The Cookie Snatcher
Raggedy Ann and Andy and The Rainy Day circus
The Little Red Hen
Rescuers Downunder
Rin Tin Tin
The Road Runner a Very scary Lesson
Ronald Mcdonald and the Tale of the talking plant
Rudolph The red Nosed Reindeer Shines again(2)
Santa's Surprise Book(2
Scuffy The Tugboat(2)
Sleeping Beauty(2)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(3)
Surprise For Mickey Mouse(2)
The Sweetest Christmas
Talespin Ghost Ship
Tawny Scrawny Lion (4)
The Animals Christmas Eve
The Bears New Baby
The big Brown Bear
The Big Elephant
The Bunny Book
The Bunny Hop
The Cat That Climbed The Christmas tree
The Christmas Bunny
The Christmas Donkey
The Christmas Story
The color Kittens
The Country mouse and the city mouse
The Day Snuffy had the sniffles
The Elves And the Shoemaker
The fuzzy Duckling
The Grand And wonderful day
The Gull that lost the sea
The Kitten who thought he was a mouse
The Lion King(3)
The Little Red caboose
The Little Trapper
The Many Faces of Ernie
Barbie The missing Wedding Dress
The Monster's picnic
The Muscicians of Bremen(2)
The Night Before Christmas(4)
The Poky Little Puppy (5)
The Saggy Baggy elephant
The Sailor Dog
The Scarebunny
The Shy little Kitten(3)
Darkwing duck The Silly Canine Caper
The Sleepy Book
The Three Bears(3)
The Wonderful School
Three Little Pigs
Tickle Me Elmo(2)
Tom And Jerry's Party(2)
Tommys Camping Adventure
Tweety plays Catch the Puddy Tat
When Bunny Grows up
where do kisses come from
winnie the pooh Meets gopher(2
Winnie the Pooh and the honey Tree(2
Woody Woodpecker at the circus(2)
Woody Woodpecker takes a trip
Cabbage Patch Kids Xaviers Birthday surprise
a Happy Day book- What God did for Zeke The Fuzzy Caterpillar

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