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I've searched all over the Internet, but have found very little information on several Big Golden Picture Books I have. I have three out of the six:

Boris: Fantasy and Space Poster Book: 0-307-13850-X The Copyright on the Boris book is 1979 Boris Vallejo. Produced in U.S.A. by Western Publishing Company Inc. Racine, Wisconsin.
Super Heros and Super Villians
People in Your Neighborhood (Posters of Sesame Street Characters)

According to the back cover - the other books in the series are:

Raggedy Ann and Andy
The Circus
The Eloise Wilkin Poster Book

I've seen The Circus book on ebay - the seller was claiming it was very rare and was selling it for $50 or so.

Wondering if anyone else has heard of this series of Golden Books and if they are worth anything. My wife would like to cut out the posters for the kids - but I thought I would double check before we dismantle these books. They are in excellent condition - no yellowing, tearing, all posters are in them etc. - so thought I would check the value.


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I own The Circus, Boris and Eloise Wilkin Picture book. I have seen the EW one sell for over 100.00. The ones I own I picked up at a flea and antique market. I have not seen them at all lately. It is hard to guess a value...but I know I would not cut them until I tries to sell them first.

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