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Is there a price guide for Sydney Editions of Little Golden Books
published in Australia. Are they the same as the LGB New York?

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There is no Sydney price guide that I know of. The values could be similar but I do not know. Sometimes value is higher because of shorter printing runs and that would not be the same for Sydney printings. it would be start...

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If your talking about the value of a book being sold to an Australian Collector I believe most titles would be less then their American edition. If you were talking about their value to an American collector, they would be quite a bit less then the American edition. The only titles that most American collectors would probably want would be the ones not printed in the US. Most of the early editions from the 70's back were not printed from the original artwork but were re-shot from the books themselves. This is why the Australian editions appear to be out of focus when compared to the US editions from this period.

Since the use of the "-" in the number the books are identical to the the US editions.

If you'd like to read some articles written in the Australian paper in 1988 for the 200 millionth Australian LGB celebration, they can be found here:

Australian LGB's and article

Steve Santi
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Thank you goldhunt and lgbsteve for all this help.
As you know I am in Australia and was delighted to get
a reply from you both.
I have a copy of Warman's Little Golden books Identification and Price Guide
and was wondering why the price guide was not there for Australian LGB.
Steve that explains alot with the documents printed in 1988 in the Mercury.
Thank you. Well will continue my fossicking for these lovely Little Books.
Making a collection for my Grandaughter and enjoy the hunt!
Have a good day and will continue checking back to this site for help.

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