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I'm trying to find the approximate value of a Giant Golden Book called "The Giant Golden Book of Dogs, Cats and Horses", by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Copyright date is 1957. I've performed several searches and can't find very much information about this book. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

BTW, the book is in very good condition considering its age. It's hardcover and the cover and all pages are completely intact.
Thanks again!

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The guidebook I found it in was issued in 2007. The value was 18.00 for a first edition, mint copy of 1957. This edition was a compilation of three other giant books issued in 1953 and 1954.

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This book brings back great memories. Mama read me these stories and poems 100's of times! If you still have it, and it's still in good condition it's worth at least $100 now. They are getting hard to find. The cheapest available now is $31, with split boards, taped up spine, spots, and worn though corners. The only nice condition book available is $120. I wanted to buy a copy for myself, to get a copy of the poem, "Run With The Wind Am I," but $100 is too high for me. Your copy will be a real collectors item soon.

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