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Hi i have a few books i was wondering if they would be worth anything?

1. Kitty's New Doll, Hard cover 194 first edition, good condition, writing on the name plate and some above it.

2. Just a Bad, mercer mayer, hard cover 1998 first edition, name on name plate, otherwise good condition.

3. Richard Scarry's Best Balloon Ride Ever!, Hard Cover, 1997 first edition, name in name plate, excellent condition, bit different form normal golden books, blue on the inside front and back covers?

4. Scuffy the tugboat and his adventures down the river, 1946, not sure of age/ looks very old, has name in name plate, on back cover has a list of books, ending with 64. five little fireman, and D10 Three pigs/ any idea on dates? inside covers are unlike any of the other books i have, has an E on the back page at the bottom right hand corner.


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