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Hi - I recently purchased several Little Golden Books in an auction. In the lot are two "The New House in the Forest". One has a blue spine, the other a golden spine. From what I can tell, the one with the gold spine is a first edition? On the back page it has a letter "D". What does that mean? Also - the book is in really good physical condition. The spine is in tact and firm, however, there is pencil writing on almost all the pages. Does this hurt the value - should I try to gently erase the marks? Any education on Little Golden Books would be great!!


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The blue spine would be the oldest as it once had a dust jacket, unless it is a reproduction at the 50 year anniversary.The blue spine first edition was unmarked in the book. The letter "D" in the gold spine book means it is a fourth edition. Any marks that take away from the mint condition, lower the value. On that age book it is hard to erase the pencil as thre pages were softer.

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