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hey my name is Megan,

Im fairly new to collecting little golden books and have bought recently a box set of the "little golden book record, read along collection"

It contains 20 records 33 1/3 RPM record with a 24 page book, The books are all in really good condition and the records are all there along with 2 bonus records.

some of the titles include, scruffy the tug boat, the porky little puppy and tootle.

im finding it hard to find information on them and how much there worth?? how old are they?

if any one could help with information would be greatly appreciated Big Grin

Thankyou Megan

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This set is fairly common. The records have a value of about 3.00 each. It was brought out by disney in 1977. the set has a value of 20-40 dollars.

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