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Hi all I am new to collecting these for my children and have been trying to find a list of ALL the golden books ever printed.
How many titles are out there and how many are in the whole collection in total.
I have over 400 and still don't know what titles i dont have and would very much like to cross reference with the whole collection and have a list handy when out shopping


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You can buy a guidebook by Santi. There is not a real recent one. OR you can go to my book lists and print off the title list I have there. I update it every couple years. Be aware that there are many variations of each title.

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Hi Kyley!
I myself was just thinking about finding a lists to cross reference as I would like to get atleast one copy of each title ever wrote. I probably have atleast 500 to start and would like to start getting organized and cataloging my titles. I do have Santi's last book but in the last 14 years there have been so many new titles produced. Did you find an easy way to get started?
I will definitely start off with Goldhunt's list to get started! Cant wait to see all the titles that I have so it will make it easier for me to pick them up as I am out shopping!

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