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Trying to find value of oscar's book. Soft cover. 1975
Winnie the pooh and tigger. Soft cover. 1978
Hansel and Gretel. 1981
Puppy love. 1983
Raggedy Anne and the cookie snatcher. 1982.
Scruffy the tugboat. MCMXCV. Something in roman numerals
Alice in wonderland. 1951
Snow white and the seven dwarfs. 1984
The lucky puppy. 1973

Obviously I cant put photos up. But most of them are in pretty good condition

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The soft cover books have little value. Copyright dates mean nothing in little golden books. I would need to know the number of pages, cover illustrations and edition to get an idea of the books you own. With the 70 and 80 numbers the books sound like they are not the older editions which are more valuable.

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