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I am a visual artist currently working on a project that involves a beloved LGB A Day at the Beach by Kathryn and Byron Jackson. I have acquired a 1st edition (with the A at the bottom of the last page) and there is a page that I was quite sure was in the edition that I had as a kid. The book would probably have been bought in Canada rather than the US, perhaps there were differences in the 1st editions between the two markets? The one I have now came from the US.

The page I remember was something like this:

"Tomorrow was the day, and today is tomorrow so

Today is the day that we go to the beach."

Can you help me identify the edition that has this page included?

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I have only two editions of this title. The reprint titled A Day At the Seashore and the 'A' edition of A Day At the Beach. Neither of these books have the line you are looking for. They are both USA editions. I will do a few other title searches and reply again to see if I can spot the line.

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