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I make journals out of old children's books, so I buy them by the box and cut up the ones that I think are visually exceptional.

Over time, I've acquired quite a few little golden books that I think might have value. I don't want to destroy books that someone would want to keep as a book or as a collectible...so I always try to make sure they're relatively worthless before I cut them up. Would someone be able to give me approximate values of the following? These are all first editions.

--25 cents on covers--
Brownie Scouts - excellent condition
Riddles, Riddles from A to Z - excellent condition
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - excellent condition
Our Flag - good/excellent condition
Walt Disney's Robin Hood - fair/poor condition - red foil spine

---29 cents on covers--
Pick up Sticks - poor condition
Sleeping Beauty and the Good Fairies - fair condition
Tarzan - poor condition
Jamie Looks - fair/poor condition

Hopalong Cassidy and the Bar 20 Cowboy - poor condition - page corners are rounded??

Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you very much!

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Any book in poor condition would have little value. I looked up Brownie Scouts and it has a value of 17.00- A edition- mint shape. The other 25 cent books would have similar value-A edition- mint shape.

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